Beginning Concept and Ideas
The End Result In Unity
Intention Behind the concept of Torren
The creative intention behind this piece was making an emotional experience that affects the game world, which you as the player must figure out why the world is losing its color. The root of the idea was about depression and how you could never fill the void no matter how hard you try. I felt as a designer that this topic about depression was interesting and it got me to think about how can I incorporate these ideas about depression within the story, but without spoon feeding the player the core concept. 
I wanted the player to figure out their own interpretation of the story in the game and leave the player with an open ending. Which leaves them asking themselves questions about the meaning behind the game. Is the mysterious creature that is taking all the color is to be blame? Or what do they think about the main character that they’re playing as. “spoiler alert” When you finally get to the end of the game you relies that the creature and the main character is the same person, what does this mean? This was the focus point behind the game, when I was doing research about depression I notice many instances where people suffering from depression never knew they had depression in the first place. 
This was the experience that I wanted to capture in the game and leave the player feeling the same as a person suffering from depression. I think this important because I truly believe that games are more than just entertainment, they are an expressive medium which can be use for addressing common issues and can really impact your life. Just the same as “That Dragon Cancer” which has change the way I see games and how I want to create games in the future.
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