Inspiration During the Development
The game was inspired by Pop art movement from the 1950s, I found the colors and contrast of this movement to be very fascinating and moving. I also am very fond of the cubism movement which I like to incorporate in many of my designs with a little twist. I have recently been doing a lot of research into these movements for a history of design class, which has been very helpful with getting inspirations from many great minds of the past. I wanted the game to feel alive and fun by giving you a weird LSD feels when you’re standing still.
Having Doubts and Why Did I Make this Project
When I began developing this game I was having many doubts within myself on my ability to create an interesting piece of art in VR. This was because I was a VR virgin and I also opt to use the Gear-VR headset, which is a much closer platform to the Oculus Rift design for mobile. It was extremely difficult to learn this platform, due to having a short window of time and learning to understand the documentation rather quickly to develop as fast as possible. I spend most of my time just reading and building failure prototypes of odd things to understand behaviors. After the two weeks of development, I created Pinata VR, which I was very happy about how the game turned out at the end of all the stress.

The reason I made this game was that I wanted to create an outlet where people can release their frustration or personal problems with politics in a safe environment. I wanted the game to come off as ridiculous and hilarious as possible when anyone plays it. With all the crazy stuff happening with our government and the world, I believe we need something to vent out these problems and help us stay sane.

Game-Play Video in GearVR
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