Beginning Concept and Ideas
Playable Prototype
The Meaning Behind This Project
I created a virtual reality game by the name of Daisy which is about a person who has gone through a traumatic experience. The game follows a diary narrative structure within a VR space. The reason I made this game was due to a huge influence from a documentary film by the name of Audrie & Daisy, which is about two teenage girls who pass out while intoxicated at high school parties and, while unconscious both girls are sexually assaulted. In the aftermath, the young girls begin to receive online harassment from the community and one of the girls attempted suicide. 

The film impacted me because I have grown up on the shoulder of powerful women, and I believe as a designer that I should bring attention to these types of situations, to educate people about these behaviors. I can only imagine how it’s to be a woman in today’s society, it's a sad topic that not many will choose to address or even speak out about. When began to design this experience in the game I had to think long and hard how to carefully address this issue without offending anyone in the process. I went through many odd prototypes that fail coming across with significant meaning. I began to do more story-boarding to see if the could create an experience with a diary fashion only using around a hundred characters so that the story can be easily read and digest. 

I also had to narrow down the experience in the VR space, if it should be first person or 3rd person viewpoint. I played around with both views for a while, testing on people to see which one would work best. I ended up doing a mix of both using the first-person view for certain scenes while having the 3rd person view used for the overall game-play. The main challenge I face during development was, what type of mechanic would pair up well or make sense to the player about the scheme of the game. This is where I spend most of my time discussing with other developers about how to address this issues since the experience is about provoking the topic to the player without putting them on an emotional roller coaster ride or a burden trip. This had to be handled with a lot of finesse and care, which I still don’t know if I achieved it. The goal of the game was not to spread or enlightened people about sexual assault but to have the conversion and to think about it. 
Game-Play Video in GearVR
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