Beginning Concept and Ideas
The End Result of the Prototype
Concepts and Thoughts Behind the Project
The journey behind the design process of Conformity was about incorporating personal experience to give the players a genuine interpretation of emotion. As a game designer, I enjoy discussing topics that don’t normally get addressed. In the game, the story is told through architecture paths designed to give the player a short glimpse of situations that requires us to fit in. The world is designed in a way to keep the player in a controlled environment, so I can predict their movement and make sure they experience exactly the situation that I created. In its inception, Conformity started on a school project. The constraint was basing the game off a single emotion. I worked with my wife to conceptualize how to form the environment in an interesting way that assisted with storytelling. 
The game took a few weeks to create and was created in our own free time. The style of the game is also a factor of how the player will be feeling the aspect of the story, which I went toward a modern abstract point of view that focuses on clean solid lines. During the design process, I have been having a difficult time figuring out how the ending for the experience should be like. Should it end on a sad or happy conclusion, this is the challenge that I’m having with the story that I am have created. I don’t want the game to have a conclusion but to raise questions to the player which is, what is the cost for conforming to social rules? what are you willing to sacrifice to fit into social norms?
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